Client Verification

All clients must submit a form of id to Fox Line Hosting.  This is a added security measure to us in help protecting you from spammers and fraud charges brough on to others tring to hack the system.  We putting this in place to keep you safe and having updated information will be serve us in future for services you like.  In the you login menu ... Read More »

23rd Jul 2018
Offering Minecraft Servers

We offer Minecraft Servers now as part of our servers.  We can set you for a account.  At present we are not charging for them but in the future we may charge once we are clear on how much mojang will allow us to charge for server of minecraft.  At present we have free minecraft servers  Enjoy the new feature we offer.

3rd Jun 2018
server upgraded

server has been upgraded to a 8 core and 8 gigs really fast and nice i hope you love it. We were done for a few hours during the upgrade people will credits on the bill as it they were done longer

20th May 2018
Radio Station Player

All radio stations owners, the web player we use is currently not https friendly yet.  We are working on new player that will be https friendly.  you can still still the currently player but you will need to load the unsafe script til the update is completed.  We are beta testing some new players so we are making sure there workable and user ... Read More »

27th Apr 2018
We have a yelp page for the web design section.

We have a yelp page.  It geared for the web design section of business but it still ties in to main business.  We have a yelp like at the bottom of the page so you can rate us on how we do.  We are happy to bring the new yelp page and we are also on google business so look for us there as well.  Enjoy the services we offer and get in on the ... Read More »

23rd Apr 2018
FTP port number.

Here at fox line hosting we will changing our port number for our ftp_ssh connection randomly.  all clients will get emails by us stating the port change and number.  Keeping the ftp ssh changed on a regular bases adds another layer of security.  We want to make sure you are protected all the around in all fields.  So make sure if you have any ... Read More »

16th Apr 2018
FTP or Login issues

If you use ftp file uploading software like filezilla, winscp or similar.  You will need to put in a support ticket to discuss options on how to login.  For security purposes and protection of the server i am doing ssh key authoratizion.  I put this in effect today due to number brute force and ddos attacks against the box.  Since this was ... Read More »

29th Mar 2018
Radio Station Rentals

We offer Radio stations rental.  Prices varies on the package you get.  We try to be competitive and offer the best services.  We do report all music to the music industries and the license companies.  Fox Line Hosting offers monthtly licensing options based on the needs you want.  We setup you with a monthly payment but Fox Line Pays for the ... Read More »

29th Mar 2018
Web Hosting

You looking for Hosting?  Looking For Business Hosting?  Looking for a dedicated server or vps?  We gotcha covered Fox Line wants to get you up and running with all the resouse you need to be sucessful.  Join today and get services cheap and realiable hosting with trouble free hassle.  Get in on the services today


29th Mar 2018
Added Priority service

Hello we did it again we added a new service it is the new high priority service or a VIP service.  For $10.00 more you will get first releases and faster info then the standard service.  We like to make you feel like a vip.  So sign up and grap the service.  It will be under your addon section upon checkout or you can added the service later ... Read More »

28th Mar 2018

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